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Why Recycle?

To reduce our carbon footprint.

You might be looking for the most environmentally friendly solution for your scrap metal. You might need the most cost-effective. Either way, you’re in the right place. To reduce our carbon we recycle to support sustainable production and consumption and for the good of our planet and future generations.

Recycled metal being used instead of finite virgin ores significantly cuts down CO2 emissions, air pollution, water pollution and water use. Remember all natural resources are finite and will run out and landfilling waste is not a sustainable long term solution. Through recycling we can help make an impact on future of recycling and sustainability.

AMR can make you more profitable

Another good reason is that we can turn your scrap metal into revenue and provide a regular income. We can also reduce your waste disposal costs through our wider industry contacts. With legislation becoming increasingly stringent and more demanding, with higher targets and higher fines. We can offer services helping you to comply with legislation, and assist you to reach your targets. We will also provide the necessary paperwork to prove it.

Our Current Stock

Copper / Brass 90
Steel 95
Aluminium 85
Other 75

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