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We buy all grades of non-ferrous metals including aluminium, brass, cable, copper, lead, tin, titanium and stainless steel, to name but a few. We have long-standing relationships with our customers which is testament to the excellent service we provide based on competitive prices, honesty and efficiency.

We take non-ferrous metal from anyone who produces it, from the general public, other scrap metal merchants, construction and demolition contractors, local trades and businesses, manufacturers, blue-chip organisations, government bodies and service providers to name but a few. All metal is paid for by weight on our accurate weighbridges and small scales, and our honesty, integrity and service is valued by our long-standing suppliers.

Collection or delivery – We can either take delivery at your local site, or come and collect from you. We have a vast fleet of dedicated vehicles, to provide you with a reliable collection service and all of our vehicles are monitored using our advanced computer tracking system. In addition we have thousands of purpose built containers and can station whatever you need at your site, including lockable containers for which we can provide unique seals for added security.

To discuss your needs further please call us on 020 8558 3223,  one of our team will be happy to help